GM Electronic Co., Limited

GM, Supply Chain Partner for Global Merchants.

About US

As a trusted global electronic components distributor, GM Electronic has a team that has been rooted in the electronic components industry for nearly two decades, with extremely rich supply resources and a focus on quality and customer perception first. Wherever in the world our customers need us, we are ready to serve them, to ensure their supply chain flows smoothly, and to ensure they get the best market price to keep their competitiveness.

GM Electronic specializing in the distribution of various discrete devices semiconductors ( diodes, transistors, IBGT modules, field effect tubes) and integrated circuits ( IC, memory chips) passive (tantalum capacitors, resistors) and electromechanical components (connectors, switching devices), etc.

The brands distributed include GOLLEDGE, Xilinx, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices ADI, Maxim,ATMEL, Cypress, Connects, Onsemi, IDT, Altera, Fujitsu, Fairchild, Tyco, Molex, IR, Infineon, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Panasonic, NEC, Omron, SHARP, Everlight, kingbright. The customers served involve power supply, automotive, communications, computer, consumer products, medical, industrial, cell phone and other industries.

Why GM?

With nearly 20 years of experience and resources in the industry, GM Electronic will provide you with perfect quality control, efficient response, large inventory, competitive prices, perfect and zero-error after-sales service, and one-stop solutions for your supply chain needs, GM Electronic is your best choice to improve the quality of your supply chain.

efficient response

large inventory

competitive prices

perfect and zero-error after-sales service

What GM do

  • Cost Saving

    GM Electronic have an extremely large procurement team and competitive sourcing channels, with up-to-date global price matching and transaction history review through our in-house software, reducing component costs and creating positive purchasing price differentials. Cost reduction channels or more cost effective alternatives are identified and offered to our customers based on their budgets, maximizing savings for our customers and keeping them competitive.

  • Large Stock

    GM's international warehouses are ready to provide flexible sourcing solutions for our global customers. From contact, order placement, delivery to arrival of goods, GM will ensure that your supply chain needs are resolved quickly and with maximum efficiency to enhance the quality of your supply chain within 1-3 days.

  • Purchasing assistance

    GM Electronic is firmly committed to delivering on our promise of quality and customer experience. With 20 years of experience in the electronic components industry and access to a large number of electronic component suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, GM will support your regular, scarce and even discontinued procurement needs with expert sourcing knowledge, data-driven sourcing techniques and decades of industry experience to provide more alternative solutions.

  • Unlimited range

    Unlike traditional franchised distributors, GM Electronic is not limited to labels, product categories and product lines. We will be able to reach and supply 94% of the world's electronic component categories. Whether you need any matching order for regular, complex, multi-category, small volume, etc., GM will be your first choice for a one-stop solution to your purchasing needs.